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Most singers look at their challenges as separate problems, and they say things like "I only need help with my high notes, the rest is good." 

No matter what your struggles are, it's easy to lose confidence and think that it's your fault. That you lack talent. But guess what - it is NOT your fault. 

That's what Anna in the video above also thought, after years of training without the results she wanted. She was about to give up on her dream of being an opera singer. 

Only 2 years ago that seemed like a lost cause... Then she found me online, and I introduced her to the magic of the Bel Canto technique and its breathing. On Thursday this week she is making her debut at the prestigious Palau de la Musica in Barcelona!

Just watch the short video with her at the top here, and you might recognise some of the things she says, and the excitement she feels right now, as she is preparing for this and other major events this year:)

She knows how life changing it IS to learn how to master your breath - the Bel Canto way. 

Her transformation is the story of so many singers I have helped - and I want YOU to be the next :) 

If you don't have the correct breathing technique and breath distribution it's impossible to do anything else effortlessly, and in a healthy way for your voice. There's a reason why all the most legendary opera singers were Bel Canto singers. 




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  • The health benefits of breathing correctly (which are many!)


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