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Once you have the skills we talk about in the Masterclass... you'll need ATTENTION!🚨

The best most cost efficient way to get that is having viral reels/short videos on social media.

I know that very well.

After years struggling on Instagram having less than 1,000 followers I was about to delete my account December of last year, but I hated the idea of giving up, so I attended a 3-day intense seminar where I learnt from the best how to create viral reels.

I learnt that there is a recipe, a method, that makes it much more likely for a video to go viral, and it includes 5 crucial ingredients. I didn't think it would work for me, but I gave it a try.

My next two reels went viral. 

I waited 3 weeks before I posted the next one and that went viral too. With only 3 reels I had 1 million plays in 30 days and my Instagram following went from 1,000 to 10,000. Right now I have another viral reel and I just passed 21,000 followers. 

Famous successful people have contacted me, I've been interviewed by the BBC and my email list is growing everyday. As a singer YOU need to know how to do this. That's why I've created a mini-course where I tell you exactly how I create my viral reels, what the 5 ingredients to success are, and how you handle the crazy momentum that comes when things finally take off.