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Get all the tools you need to finally unleash your inner Guitar Demon! 😈 With a well-thought out program you'll be sounding like a new guitaristin no time. 👍🏻

Play without pain & avoid injuries!

No one talks about the physiological side to guitar playing, nor how it affects your guitar tone. Learn the darkest secrets of guitar playing, that hardly anyone knows. 👍🏻 

Master Neo-Classical Techniques! 

From simple classical melodies, to Paganini Caprice 24: learn how to interpret, memorise, and learn classical material that will change your playing for ever. 😇

It's time to become the guitarist you were meant to be!

The perfect moment is right here, right now, so stop holding yourself back!

Are you tired of struggling with your guitar playing? 

Have you ever promised yourself on New Years Eve that THIS year is the year when I will take my guitar playing to the next level, only to be sucked into the whirlwind of everyday life? Before you know it another year has gone by, and you are still struggling with string noise, fluidity, shredding, sweeping, tapping, and lack of consistency?  In fact, the problems are even bigger than before...

You might have tried "everything"...

You might even have taken guitar lessons, spent countless hours on YouTube looking at random videos, or you may have signed up for an online course, but you never got the results you wanted. For that reason you stopped believing in yourself. Does that sound familiar?

You might have told yourself your talent just isn't good enough!

You might even have told yourself that it is too late - "I am in my 30s, 40s or 50s  now, so it's too late for me any way." 

Do you know how often I have heard guitar players say these things, only to prove them wrong?

You see, I've heard these stories from guitarists at all levels, a lot! There isn't a story I have not heard about failed attempts to become a great guitar player, but you know what? Everyone I've helped with their playing have seen massive results quickly, because it's not YOU who is the problem, is the lack of good solid guidance. 

The truth is, YOU can still become the guitarist you want to be, you were meant to be, and you deserve to be! 

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  • Get lifetime access to the full program.
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