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ADD THIS MINI COURSE TO MY ORDER for only £97!  In December 2023 I learned how to create viral reels on Instagram. With only 3 reels I had more than a million plays, increasing my reach 13900%! 

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There is no other way that can get you such instant attention as a well crafted reel. As a singer, knowing this is very valuable. 

Vocal Excellence - The Bel Canto Way

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What you'll get:

  • The Super Secret Bel Canto breathing technique and support for effortless, healthy singing
  • The Secret to having a young, vibrant voice that projects easily - and can sing loud effortlessly
  • Learn the scales that will unify your registers to one, with no more passaggio, or breaks between registers

You are also getting access to many more skills, but these two foundational skills are mostly neglected today, which is absurd. They are the most important skills any singer must have to sing in a healthy, easy manner, with a voice that lasts for decades.