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Do You Have A Dream About Being A Great Singer - but Life Is Always Getting In The Way?

I am here to tell you that anyone can become a great singer, and you don't have to be a full time student to do it...

Do you ever sit at work dreaming about singing, instead of doing what you are doing right now?

Have you ever promised yourself on New Years Eve that THIS year is the year when I will take my passion for singing seriously, only to be sucked into the whirlwind of everyday life, and before you know it another year has gone by and you did nothing about it?

You just didn't have enough time!

You might even have taken singing lessons before, and you might even have a degree in music, but you never got the results you wanted. For that reason you stopped believing in yourself. You started to doubt your talent and your voice. 

Your talent just isn't good enough!

You might even have told yourself that it is too late - "I am in my 40s now, so I cannot learn how to sing." 

It's too late. You're too old!

Do any of these excuses sound familiar to you? You see, I hear these stories from busy career people who carry a dream about signing, every single day. 

Some of my best clients, with truly amazing voices, are in their 40s. I even have some in their 60s...

After 15 years as a very successful vocal coach and manager  I am here to give you some straight talk about your voice and your dreams about singing. 

You Are One Skill Away From Real Results


It is easy to make singing sound very complicated. When you look at the curriculum to get a degree in singing it can scare the living daylight out of anyone who "just want to  learn how to sing well."

If you strip away all the bells and whistles, and you look at what is needed for great, effortless and problem-free singing, it is really all about learning 2 crucial skills.

And more than that. If you don't have the first one, not even the second one matters, since the first skill is the foundation everything else rests upon. So you are really only ONE skill away from having the ability to sing easily, but when you add the second skill your voice will be young, vibrant and it will project effortlessly.  

 Sadly, hardly anyone learn these crucial skills today, which is why so many singers have serious voice problems. 

I am one of very few opera singers and vocal coaches in the world today who was actually trained, the old school way, in the most legendary singing technique of them all - Bel Canto.

Pavarotti, Caruso, Sutherland and Callas were all Bel Canto singers, and Callas and my teacher had the same singing teacher: Elvira de Hidalgo, just to get that whole credentials out of the way. You can see my "Bel Canto Family Tree" below. 

For 15 years as a very successful vocal coach I have seen that the Bel Canto technique can transform bad singers to good singers, and even ugly voices to beautiful voices. 


Jessy is a German Engineer. Hear her story!


You Can Do This!

Canadian Soprano Rosie breeds and trains horses...

Listen to what she has to say about her experience with Bel Canto


I Was Once A Miserable Economist With a Dream of Singing...


As I told you in the free masterclass, I was a miserable economist with a secret dream about singing.

My journey took my family and I from a remote village in Norway to Verona, Italy, where I found the award winning Italian soprano Aida Meneghelli.

Step-by-step she trained me with private lessons 6 days a week, in the tried and  tested method of the Bel Canto technique.

My biggest challenge was TIME. I was in a new country, with an (ex) husband who was abroad working, no family, no friends, with two very young kids. 
I had to find ways to be very efficient in my training, and I did.

I was transformed from a complete rookie i nto a singer who could sing anything I wanted to sing easily, without any tiredness to my voice or throat, without ever having any voice problems.  

The first time I walked on stage and sang the aria from the movie Amadeus, for The Queen Of The Night, felt like pure magic. Everything was easy, my voice projected effortlessly, and I could keep on singing one impossible aria after another. 

That was when  I realised the true Magic of Bel Canto and I understood WHY my teacher had insisted that I had to learn how to breathe and control my breath distribution before anything else. 

I realised the immense value of having that solid foundation the two most  crucial skills of Bel Canto had given me. 

Without those skills, none of the other skills would have mattered. 

After I Sang THAT Aria From The Movie Amadeus For The First Time In Concert

Meet Swedish soprano Ella



I am delighted to invite you to join my best program ever:

Vocal Excellence - The Bel Canto Way!

In this easy to follow course you first learn to master those two crucial, much neglected foundational skills. 

These are the skills that ensures easy, problem-free singing. You will also learn the secrets scales, and HOW to sing them, so you can unite your vocal registers into ONE, even, beautiful register.

There is NO reason to have uneven registers when you can so easily have everything even and easy. 

Of course, you learn many other skills as well, but without these two nothing really matters. 

This is tailor made for YOU who are busy with a full time job, a family, or you are studying something else, so your time is very valuable. I got your back. That is where I was as well.  If your passion for singing is strong, and you can spend 10 minutes a day transforming your dream into reality, then this is for you! 

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When you can sing those 8 short songs in the Masterclasses from Vaccaj’s legednary Bel Canto book correctly you have become a very good singer.

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